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About LondonWRC

LondonWRC is the most successful wheelchair rugby club in the South East of England. We aim to provide opportunities through wheelchair rugby for disabled people at a social level all the way up to Paralympic glory. By being one club with many teams, we can provide suitable levels of competition for our diverse range of players. In the domestic league we boast the Storm and Crusaders. Internationally, the London Lions have won the Europa Cup five times as well as enjoying many other successes.

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We appreciate that the elite players provide inspiration for a new generation, whilst players of all standards are needed to ensure healthy foundations and to enjoy the social and recreational benefits. Formed in the 1980s, at the dawn of our fantastic sport, LondonWRC has grown from very small beginnings. But we are proud to have always been a club run by our members, for our members.

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About the sport

Wheelchair rugby, formally known as 'Murderball' is a team sport played by athletes with a physical disability. It is a sport like no other and has elements from a number of different sports including Basketball, Handball and Ice Hockey. It is a contact sport and physical contact between rugby chairs is an integral part of the game. It is played by two teams of up to 12 players but only four players from each team may be on court. It is a mixed gender sport and both male and female athletes play on the same teams.

​To be eligible to play athletes must have some form of disability with a loss of function in both upper and lower limbs. The sport was started by those with spinal injuries but there are now many other players with a wide variety of medical conditions.

Physical contact between wheelchairs is permitted, and forms a major part of the game. However, physical contact between wheelchairs that is deemed dangerous — such as striking another player from behind with excessive force is not allowed. Direct physical contact between players is not permitted.

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A team is not allowed to have more than three players in their own key while they are defending their goal line. Offensive players are not permitted to remain in the opposing team's key for more than ten seconds.

Players are classified according to their functional level and assigned a point value ranging from 0.5 (the lowest functional level) to 3.5 (the highest). In general there are two types of players, defensive and offensive. Defensive players range from 0.5 to 1.5 and offensive players range from 2.0 to 3.5 The two types of chairs can bee seen on the left, offensive above and defensive below. The total classification value of all players on the court for a team at one time cannot exceed eight points.

For more detailed information on the rules and classification please visit

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Training & Venue

We currently train on Monday’s and Wednesday’s 

12 - 3pm, at the venue below...

Aspire National Training Centre

Wood Lane





Our Achievements

1997 - Advent Cup 2nd

1999 - Merton Cup 1st

2002 - Trevor Williams 1st

2003 - GBWR Waverly Cup 1st

2004 - Bernd Best Champ League 1st

           SWRT 3rd

           Europa Cup 1st

2005 - Astra Tech Games 3rd

           Champions League 1st

           Bernd Best Champ League 1st

           Trevor Williams 1st

           Europa Cup 1st

2006 - Bernd Best Champ League 3rd

           National Champs 1st & 3rd

​           Europa Cup 1st

2007 - Coloplast League 1st

           Europa Cup 1st

           Trevor Williams 1st

2008 - Bernd Best Champ League 1st

           Europa Cup 2nd

2009 - Trevor Williams 1st

           Crash for Cash 2nd

           Best of the West 2nd

           National Champs 1st

2010 - Europa Cup 1st

           National Champs 1st

2011 - Coloplast Super Series 1st

           National Champs 1st

2012/13 - Coloplast Super Series 1st & 2nd

                 National Champs 1st

2013/14 - Coloplast Super Series 1st

                National Champs 1st

2014/15 - BT Super Series 1st & 6th

                National Champs 1st

2015/16 - BT Super Series 3rd & 4th

                National Champs 1st

                Bernd Best 1st

                Swiss Low Point 3rd

2015/16 - BT Super Series 1st & 8th

                National Champs 1st

                Bernd Best 1st

                Swiss Low Point 3rd

                Real Deal 3rd

                Mazovia Cup 3rd

2016/17 - BT Super Series 1st & 8th

                National Champs 1st

                Bernd Best 1st

                Swiss Low Point 1st

2017/18 - Super Series 3rd & 4th

                National Champs 1st

                Bernd Best 1st

2018/19 - Super Series D1 2nd & 4th

                Nationals Champs - 1st & 4th

2019/20 - Super Series D1 2nd & 3rd

                Super Series D3 1st

2022 - Premiership 2nd & 4th

2023 - Premiership 2nd 

           Division 1 4th

2023/24 - Premiership 3rd

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