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Prem 1 - T3.png

Wheelchair Rugby Premiership – Tournament 3

The third instalment of the GBWR Premiership is set to tip off at Stoke Mandeville Stadium, home of the Paralympics, on the 5th + 6th August... Read more >>

Prem 1 - T2.png

Wheelchair Rugby Premiership – Tournament 2

The second instalment of the GBWR Premiership is set to tip off at the Fenton Manor Sports Complex on the 15th + 16th July. The top eight teams from around the UK... Read more >>

Amsterdam 2023.png

Amsterdam Quad Rugby Tournament 2023

Our LondonWRC team have landed in Amsterdam to compete in “The most spectacular wheelchair sport in the coolest city of the Netherlands.” - AMQR

With two leagues totalling twelve teams, it’s set to be action packed weekend. Read more >>

Prem 1 - T1.png

Wheelchair Rugby Premiership – Tournament 1

The first instalment of GBWR Premiership has been re-scheduled and is all set to tip off at the Concord Sports Centre on the 3rd + 4th June. The top eight teams from around the UK will meet up to compete, gain points and set their initial positions on the table. You can see the current table below and be sure to follow the action on our social media. Read more >>

Div 2 T2 v2.png

Wheelchair Rugby Division 1 – Tournament 2

The second instalment of GBWR Division 1 has been re-scheduled and is all set to tip off at the Nottingham Wildcats Arena on the 27th + 28th May. Eight teams from around the UK will meet up to compete, gain point and improve their positions on the table. Read more >>

WR My Exp - Imogen Steele.png

Wheelchair Rugby My Experience – Imogen Steele

I was born with spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy Dystonic type, a brain injury which means that I have restricted muscle function and live in chronic pain due to muscle spasms which can occur anywhere in my body. Read more >>

New Floor.png

LondonWRC – Training on new floor!


Here at LondonWRC we’re lucky enough to have support from Aspire Leisure Centre where we train every Monday and Wednesday. Over the years, as with all sport halls, the floor deteriorates with scrub marks increasing and slowly losing the court lines. Read more >>

WR My Exp - Joel Connor-.png

Wheelchair Rugby My Experience – Joel Connor-Saunders

When did you start playing wheelchair rugby?

I took up wheelchair rugby in December of 2021. At a taster day held by GBWR I instantly fell in love with the sport and found myself at my first GB development camp 2 weeks later! Since then, I have been lucky enough to play all over the UK and represent GB talent in Denmark and USA as well as now playing for LondonWRC. Read more >>

GBWR Div 1 - T1.png

GBWR Division One - Tournament One


The first weekend for Great Britain Wheelchair Division One took place on 28th / 29th January at Fenton Manor Sports Complex. A total of eight teams attended including our own LondonWRC Crusaders. It was a tough tournament for us as low player availability meant we would have to play under pointed and with selection of only five players. Read more >>

- Wheelchair Rugby Upcoming Events.png

Upcoming Events

The new season is upon us and dates are confirmed for the leagues we'll be competing in. Firstly for us, LondonWRC Crusaders will compete in Division 1 and following that will be Storm competing in the Premiership. Below is a list of dates and venues for both divisions... Read more >>

Different Barriers.png

Different Barriers

To be eligible to play wheelchair rugby you basically need an impairment in at least three limbs. This criterion covers a wide range of people but the word I want to focus on is impairment, it's what all players have in common. When you live with impairments you come across barriers, different to those with an able body. Along with everyday life the bigger your impairment the more barriers you come across. Read more >>


New Players Needed...

London Wheelchair Rugby Club is on the look out for new players. Since the turn of the Millennium, LondonWRC has established itself as one of the most dominant W/C Rugby teams in England and also Europe. With a long list of honours to the club’s name, and a history of coaching players to achieve International and Paralympic recognition, we are now looking for the next generation of LondonWRC player to be the future stars of the sport. LondonWRC have trained at the Aspire Leisure Centre for almost 20 years and have helped men and women with spinal injuries and other disabilities from London and the surrounding areas to train and play W/C Rugby. All chairs and equipment will be supplied for you to use. Come and see what we do, and maybe even give it a try. If you're interested get in touch via our contacts page.

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