Wheelchair Rugby - Upcoming Events

The new season is upon us and there's been some changes. This time round we'll have a Premiership division, consisting of the top five teams within the UK, including our LondonWRC Storm and Crusaders. There will also be a North League and two South Leagues. Below is a list of dates and venues for the Premiership...

Sun 9th Jan - Fenton Manor 

Sat 29th Jan - Fenton Manor 

Sun 27th Mar - Stoke Mandeville

Sat 23rd April - Stoke Mandeville

Sun 8th May - Arborfield Green Leisure Centre

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More tournaments:

A list of global events can be found on the World Wheelchair Rugby website

Training: We train throughout the year on Mondays and Wednesdays, for more info see About Us.

Wheelchair Rugby Upcoming Events