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Super Series 2 15/16 – Write Up

This past weekend (21st & 22nd Feb) held the GBWR BT Super Series 2 at Fenton Manor Sports Complex in Stoke-on-Trent. With all teams playing three games on Saturday then another two on Sunday there was great quality rugby with close game to watch.

After the first day both our London teams had mixed results of winning two losing one, a close game between them ended with Crusaders beating Storm by 3. Tigers were undefeated on their first day rolling off court with 3 wins.

The second day and it was goal difference that called it. The last game for Crusaders was for 5th/6th another close one but losing by two they took 6th place for the weekend. Storm lost both their Sunday games but the last was for 3rd/4th meaning they rolled away with 4th. The final was a rematch from the day before between Crash and Tigers but this result ended differently with Crash taking the victory.

This Super Series was the first I’ve attended in a few years, it’s clear to see how much the clubs have developed. Seeing players I recognise was great, seeing their improvement was even better. What really made me realise I’d been away so long was all the new faces and how well they were playing. Almost full line ups I’ve never seen before performing at the highest level in the country. The Super Series weekends are a definite reminder of what Wheelchair Rugby is all about.

7 Super Series 2 Results.png
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