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Super Series 3 Division 1

LondonWRC Storm Write Up


The third super series weekend was a repeat schedule for LondonWRC with Storm first up against Solent Sharks, who were, this time short of their German guest player. London got off to a storming start and broke into a strong lead early in the first quarter. By the half, with some slick play, they had consolidated the lead further and by the second half the the lead was a considerable twenty two goals ending with a 58-36 score.

Next up were the newcomers to division one Yorkshire Lions, who put in some spirited play, however, London with its experienced and GB players, was too much for them and the match was won again convincingly by the Storm boys at 55-30.

The final match for Saturday was always going to be enjoyable, whatever the result, as it was against our teammates Crusaders. It was a fairly tight start, but Crusaders were on form and playing extremely well. They pulled ahead slowly and finished on top with a 52-44 finish. With two wins each both teams were set for a top four finish and the later start crossover games on day two.

8 SS3 - D1 - Write Up.png

Sunday was always going to be tough, and with some sickness in the team it was going to be difficult to defeat the current champions Leicester Tigers. Tigers had a full squad, boosted by their Danish international guest player, and were out with their claws. Storm put in a good performance, though, and wanted if not to try and win, and at least give them a close good game. Tigers were as expected the victors, with a finishing win of 56-47 over Storm to secure their place in the final against our teammates Crusaders.

It was finally left for Storm to play Crash for third and fourth place. Storm put in some valiant play and the match was always pretty level, with each side gaining a small lead through the first three quarters. This was still with a player struggling with illness and pushing through, and little options for subs. Some small errors and fouls causing the vital turnovers Crash needed, meant they nosed ahead and clinched the game 45-43

Overall it was a good weekend for Storm with progress being made by all and much learning done by the younger players from their accomplished experienced team mates.

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