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SS2 - Division 3 - LondonWRC Write-Up

It was a sketchy start for London Lions, at the second Super Series for Division 3. For the first time held in Slough at Absolute Fitness, Hershel Grammar School. Ten minutes before our first game we only had three of four players needed to start a match. Luckily the opposition Bournemouth Lions 0.5 player was also running late, who they needed to run an eight point line-up. So both teams were given fifteen minutes grace and in that time we had a fourth player arrive, Tom Horey from Hatfield as our guest player. Still risky though as the line consisted of only five and a half points. But they went out there, pushed hard and smart to gain a few points lead.


Half way through the first quarter we had another player arrive, our highest pointer meaning we were back to an eight point line-up. Although we had a lead it was still worth fielding our strongest line in order to get some practice before our next two games. They did really well and continued to charge ahead increasing the lead. This meant that in the third and fourth quarters we could rotate our players, spreading court-time while having a man on the bench to rest. After a win of 42-18 our Lions were positive rolling onto the next match.

Our second opponents were Brighton Buccaneers. After the first Super Series it was clear we had this team on individual match-ups. So the most important aspect for us was playing as a team and getting the basics right. Which we did... mostly. Obviously mistakes were made but the amount was lower than the previous tournament. An overall improved performance meant we took another dominant victory, while getting another greenhorn on court. Mark O'Neil who after being classified got some playing time and performed well in his very first tournament. Nice work Mark!


Third match was against Leicester Tigers, the strongest of our opponents but they were missing a couple key players. So again, we were positive. I've never been one to expect a victory and I'd say the same for our teams. This means the basic plan is to always go out and give one hundred percent of what you have. It was still a tougher match and very low scoring. Which normally means turnovers are happening back and forth but not followed up with a try. We had our strongest line-up on for the first half and they created a buffer zone that enabled us to once again spread the court-time across the bench. Each line managed to maintain a lead and every few plays we'd manage a turnover. By the buzzer the final score was 28-20 and our Lions remain undefeated.


Overall it was another great day of Wheelchair Rugby in a decent new venue. Thank you to GBWR, all the staff, volunteers and teams. Myself and our Lions are looking forward to Super Series 3 in Leicester on the 22nd Feb. Stay up-to-date with our progress by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

SS2 - D3 Write Up
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