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Super Series 2 16/17 – Write Up

Last weekend (13/14th Feb) all Division 1 teams travelled to Stoke-on-Trent for the second instalment of the Super Series League. Both London teams were pooled together and went head to head in the first of three games on the Saturday. Before a league weekend our teams train against each other so the result was no surprise. Storm took an early lead and that slowly increased till the end beating Crusaders 58-33. Storm continued to dominate winning all their pool games. Crusaders had a tougher challenge, knowing we were going to lack top end speed, our game plan was to focus on teamwork and getting our passing on point. We couldn’t pull it off against RGC but the game plan came together against Warriors, who admittedly had players missing due to injury but a victory none the less.


Sunday and the crossover games, Storm faced Marauders to fight for a place in the final and they earned it winning by eight points. Crusaders faced Sharks and although we stuck to the game plan, working well as a team and getting the ball up-court quickly wasn’t quite enough. Losing to Sharks meant Crusaders would play Warriors for 7th/8th We managed another victory to roll away 7th , an improvement from the last league weekend but must do better next time, especially if we’re to save ourselves from relegation. Storm on the other hand have no worries as they fought hard in a nail biting final against Crash and took the victory to make it two for two in this Super Series season.

16 Super Series 2 - Write Up.png

So the table positions remain the same for both LondonWRC teams. Storm at the top and Crusaders living dangerously in the relegation zone. We’ll have to see what happens at the next Super Series weekend, held on the 2nd/3rd of April. Be there or be square :)

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