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SS1 Division 3 - LondonWRC Write Up


Saturday 5th Oct was the first super series for division 3, for most of our new team it was their first ever competition. It was also a new experience for me as I've only ever attended division one tournaments. I don't mind admitting to being nervous a couple days before, but I soon realised that both myself and the club as a whole have done what we can to prepare our newer players. The fitness, the tactical drills, having them train with and against professional athletes. It all meant that once the nerves settled, they also felt comfortable and confident.


The main aim for us was to give our newer players plenty of court time so they can experience a competitive competition. With a couple of lines available I managed to spread the playing time amongst the team and across the three games we played. I'm proud to say everyone performed well, of course mistakes were made and we have aspects to work on but overall our core structure was there. Players were making the right moves and taking the right lines.


Pushing hard but smart we managed to take an early lead and win the first two games. The third was slightly tougher but a change in classification meant we had a third option for a starting line. Our two highest pointers with our two most experienced. Within the first quarter that line managed to pull ahead. For the remaining quarters we played other lines and they did well to maintain the lead.

Our full results can be seen below, congrats to our Lions who won best in class (at their very first tournament) and Bully winning MVP. Thank you to GBWR and all volunteers for a great tournament. We're looking forward to the second! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates.



London Lions 42 – Bournemouth Lions 23

London Lions 44 – Brighton Buccaneers 14

London Lions 36 – Leicester Tigers 28

Full results & Table


Best in class:

0.5/1.0 – Martin Dyce

2.5/3.0 – Ahmed Farah

3.5/4.0 – Marcus Daley

MVP – Bulbul Hussain

SS1 - D3 Write Up
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