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Rugby Mania 2019 - LondonWRC Write-Up


LondonWRC travelled to Prague last weekend, to compete in Rugby Mania’s division 2. The competition was battled out by 6 teams, spread over into two groups. Our team consisted of a couple of old experienced heads, fairly new developing players, and a guest from Leicester Tigers, Matt Sullivan. Our aim as a squad was to learn and develop, winning would be a bonus but as long as we took something from the games we’d be happy.


Our first game was Saturday afternoon so we were well rested. This resulted in a strong win with us beating Hollisters Hussars 54-29. We took a lot of positives from the game and after a very strong start, it allowed us to run many different line-ups. Everyone got good game time but could have a break when needed.


The next game was against Poland’s Four Kings, it maybe as the result of the gloomy sports (that got even more gloomy as it got dark!) but we lost our concentration and sadly lost the game 40-45. We were level scores at half time but a poor third quarter performance saw us fall behind and we were unable to pull it back.


Finishing second in our group meant the crossover game was to be played against The Fighting Snakes who topped their group and were at that point unbeaten. We had decided to only run out our two strongest line-ups determined not to make the same mistakes as we did in the last game.

It paid off and we made it to the final! Better still we got another chance at trying to beat the Four Kings Warsaw. Once again, and what seems to be a common theme throughout the weekend, we started very strong. Having pushed The Four Kings to use three of their four time outs, we still held a four point lead in the first quarter. We stayed consistent and stuck to the game plan, we separated them in defence but worked together as a team in offence. All in all the final score was 53-39 and we were champions!!


A funny moment was watching Ollie rolling backwards off the curb and completely mucking it up falling over, it turns out the Ollie had been defeated by the exact same curb last year. At least he’s consistent.


There also has to be a quick mention for the try of the decade, or should I say almost. In the last play of the final, London had an inbound from just inside their own half. Dave was on the inbound and everyone surrounded the key. Low pointer Harry stayed clear of the mess and snuck round to the back post. The perfect punt left Dave’s hand and was heading to Harry’s lap... only for a 4 kings low pointer to pull back last second and intercept. The disappoint still hurts Harry.


Massive shout-out to Doz, Amanda, Karina and Bernie (Albi) who helped so much over the weekend and to Ollie for his best in class award. Altogether, a very successful and smooth trip with some silverware to take home at the end of it.

More info: Rugby Mania Facebook

Rugby Mania 2019 - Write Up
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