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Rio Test Event – Wheelchair Rugby

So... the Wheelchair Rugby test event for Rio happened last week (26th-28th Feb) I heard GB won, saw the glimmer of a gold medal and beamed a smile. Full with positivity for all the athletes and staff, as I was told more my interest only grew. Hearing that we beat Canada was amazing, although they didn't have Zak Madell, a 3.5 who's speed is up there with the best. Ya'll know who I'm talking about, Ryley Batt. This is where the good news continues. Australia, current Paralympic champions were also competing. The speed and ferocity that comes with the Aussies best line up is a challenge to say the least. Well we conquered that challenge!


Over and over again I've heard commentators say GB have a “talented but inexperienced team.” Now when I look at how long some of the veterans of this sport have been playing I can't disagree. I would however like to argue that most of the GB squad have been playing a fair while now and have attended some high profile tournaments. Hopefully the success at the test event will now show that experience isn't always everything. Teamwork and determination are massive factors when you're fighting till the final buzzer. The determination of GB's Jim Roberts is something to be admired. When this man is on court he's relentless, always looking and never giving up. A pleasure to watch.

15 Rio Test Event Review.png

We GB are currently ranked 5th so to beat the attending teams ranked above us can only be a massive confidence boost. With only six months to the Rio Paralympics I'm hopeful this positivity will continue to surge through the GB team. Congratulations on a well deserved victory!

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