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GBWR Premiership – Events 1 & 2

LondonWRC Write Up...


We're competing again! The GBWR National season is firmly underway and after attending the first two Premiership events it's clear to see every team is glad to be back. Not only the players but staff and volunteers, everyone catching up and chatting after almost two years. It really was great to see.


The structure for this season has been changed due to a few circumstances. The changes have resulted in the Premiership consisting of five teams and five events. Each team will miss one event, so we'll face each other four times over the season.

The first two events were located in Stoke on Trent at the Fenton Manor Sports Complex. Our London Crusaders would stay home for the first event and Storm the second event. The results below show how each of our teams got on...

Event 1 – 9th January

Storm vs Tigers 52-51

Storm vs Hawks 56-34

Storm vs Crash 52-39

Event 2 – 29th January

Crusaders vs Hawks 53-52

Crusaders vs Crash 28-63

Crusaders vs Tigers 39-52

So three wins for Storm and Cru with two losses. You can see the current GBWR Premiership standings below with Storm in 3rd and Cru at 5th. Although as I mentioned before, both our London teams have missed an event and played half the amount of games as the other teams.


League positions after the second tournament


We're yet to have a London v London match but we won't be waiting long. The third event will take place on 27th March in Alysbury at the origin of the Paralympics, Stoke Mandeville Stadium. With both our teams attending I'm sure they'll be movement in table positions. We'll see you there for some more competitive Wheelchair Rugby. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates.

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