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A message to our Paralympic Champions!


Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby (GBWR) have won the well deserved Paralympic gold and it's been an intense journey getting there. Congratulations to the whole team, the twelve players, the staff, the volunteers. You've all assisted each other in becoming the best in the world, the first European country to win a medal, let alone gold!


I'd like to take a moment and give a special mention to those on the GB team I know best. The five players from LondonWRC, Jim Roberts, Aaron Phipps, Chris Ryan, Johnny Coggan and Kylie Grimes. Some had started playing before I joined the wheelchair rugby community, some I've assisted in coaching and some I've competed alongside within the domestic season.


I've spent the last twenty-four hours thinking of words to say that will best portray my feelings and emotions, here they are...


'In awe' of what you've achieved, in regards to overcoming funding cuts and covid.


'Pride' in how represent yourselves, our club and Great Britain.

'Grateful' to have witnessed your journey and you being part of our club.


'Pleased for you' that your hard work and dedication has paid off with the best result possible.


And to repeat myself, another huge CONGRATULATIONS to yourselves and the GBWR team, you've made it into the history books and what you've done for the sport will never be forgotton.

Pics: Megumi Masuda / World Wheelchair Rugby

GB Gold.png
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