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NHS – Letter of gratitude


There's always been a lot of pressure on our National Health Service and it seems to be continuously increasing. I personally find most if not all areas are understaffed, underpaid and overworked. An environment with these pressures can cause a lot of stress and most NHS staff carry a lot of weight on their shoulders. Here at LondonWRC a lot of our members have and continue to rely on the NHS. Whether it be one off emergencies, rehab and or regular appointments, we want to show our appreciation. So I've asked a few of our members if there are any departments that aided their recovery or makes their daily lives easier and they'd like to say thank you. As I'm typing I'll tip it off to start...


I'm obviously extremely grateful to everyone involved in the process of saving my life immediately after my spinal injury. The paramedics who scooped me off the road from A+E department at Wexham Park Hospital. The ICU and Surgery department at John Redcliffe Hospital who saved my life for the second time after I stopped breathing. After my operation and a month in intensive care I was transferred to Saint Francis Ward at the National Spinal Injuries Centre, Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

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– National Spinal Injuries Centre, Stoke Mandeville Hospital

I spent almost a year on St. Francis ward so it's almost a second home for me. I'd like to thank the whole spinal injuries centre, every department that helped me adjust. Physios that taught me stretches to maintain my range of movement. Occupational therapists that worked with me to gain the independence I have today. Of course the ward nurses who helped me mentally recover after a life changing event. And last but no means least, the outpatients department who I contact with a check up appointment or just straight up advice. Their advice is always helpful.


Although the spinal injuries centre is there for needs specific to my disability, I also wanted to thank those who help me on a more regular basis, District Nurses.

– Berkshire District Nurses

I've had the misfortune of dealing with a pressure sore for over six months now. Never did it get to the stage of hospital admission so I've relied on visits from the district nurses. On and off twice a week for the whole time. It's been a journey trailing different equipment to relief pressure and friction on the affected area. Also finding the best type of dressing both type and size wise. I'm more than pleased to say it's now closed and looking well... alright. Honestly the support I've received has helped tenfold and I'm very appreciative.


Below are a comments from a couple of our members, GB players Kylie Grimes and Jonathan Coggan who also wanted to thank specific departments of the National Health Service...


Kylie Grimes – National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore – Spinal unit and Angus McKinnon ward.

I have been very lucky with my care after my spinal injury, I had fantastic rehab nurses, staff and physios straight after my accident when I was in for 5months rehabilitation. Without all the staff involved I wouldn’t be living the life I am now playing sport for my country and travelling the world.

I also returned to the spinal unit in 2010 when I had pneumonia as my local hospital was struggling to care for me properly and Stanmore once again did an amazing job to get me better.

Then in 2017 I went back to the Angus McKinnon ward after I had a bladder operation to improve my quality of life with a mitroffanoff. The staff were amazing and helped me once again on my way to recovery after a big op.

Jonathan Coggan – Essex & Herts Air Ambulance

The Essex & Herts air ambulance got me to the right hospital on the day of my injury. This aided my recovery from the earliest point it could’ve been done, this work is invaluable to those who require the most immediate care of which I’m very grateful for.




Our country obviously relies a lot on the NHS and I feel we're lucky to have it. Others don't have a national health service and when I think of what my life would be like in those less fortunate situations I remind myself of how lucky we actually are. Of course it's public taxes that still fund around eighty percent of the NHS, or at least that what Google says, so isn't it everyone's responsibility to improve it where we can? That's why I encourage anyone to visit the patient opinion page on the NHS website. Leave your feedback good or bad and let's do what we can to keep this brilliant service going.

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