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LondonWRC News... 2020/21

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Paralympic Champions!


Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby (GBWR) have won the well deserved Paralympic gold and it's been an intense journey getting there. Congratulations to the whole team, the twelve players, the staff, the volunteers. You've all assisted each other in becoming the best in the world, the first European country to win a medal, let alone gold! Read more >>

4 Weeks Strong.png

4 Weeks Strong - Onto Step 3...

We've been back training now for a month and although it's different we're very grateful to have the opportunity of progressing through GBWR's 5 step plan. This week we moved up to step 3 and can now work in groups of up to five and passing a ball within those groups. Still no contact though but we have that to look forward to at the next step. There's more to look forward to with talks of friendly competition some time in the summer. Follow us on our social sites for updates. Thank you to GBWR and Aspire for their continued support. Read more >>

Pandemic affect

Pandemic affect on Wheelchair Rugby Athletes

We are in unprecedented times, at first it felt as though the world stopped spinning. Now, as most of England is in tier 4, I feel there's a bit of time ahead before we're rolling like we used to.


During this pandemic, like most sports, Wheelchair Rugby had to hit the restart button in order to train in the safest way possible. LondonWRC had our risk assessment signed off and everything else needed to get back at it. We even set a date, unfortunately it turned out to be two days after the second lockdown was announced. So we cancelled our return but on the bright side, we're all ready to go on the governments say so. Read more >>

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