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LondonWRC News... 2019/20

SS3 - D3 Write Up.png

SS3 Division 3 - LondonWRC Write Up

The Super Series season has concluded for Division 3 and London Lions are Champions! After another clean sweep of victories we topped the table and took the gold. For our last day of matches we headed to Leicester, after a team dinner and a nights stay we made way to Braunstone Leisure Centre. Read more >>

SS2 - D1 Write Up.png

SS2 Division 1 - LondonWRC Write Up

The second super series for the top division of GB Wheelchair Rugby was held at the home of Paralympics Stoke Mandeville Stadium. After taking a look at the new National Paralympic Heritage Centre I rolled into the sports hall, the place where I first saw wheelchair rugby over a decade ago. I was now here to film and take pics of the two London teams who I also assist with coaching. So of course my hopes were high on Storm and Crusaders performing well. Read more >>

SS2 - D3 Write Up V2.png

SS2 Division 3 - LondonWRC Write-Up

It was a sketchy start for London Lions, at the second Super Series for Division 3. For the first time held in Slough at Absolute Fitness, Hershel Grammar School. Ten minutes before our first game we only had three of four players needed to start a match. Luckily the opposition Bournemouth Lions 0.5 player was also running late, who they needed to run an eight point line-up. So both teams were given fifteen minutes grace and in that time we had a fourth player arrive, Tom Horey from Hatfield as our guest player. Still risky though as the line consisted of only five and a half points. But they went out there, pushed hard and smart to gain a few points lead. Read more >>

Rugby Mania 2019 - Write Up V2.png

Rugby Mania 2019 - LondonWRC Write-Up


LondonWRC travelled to Prague last weekend, to compete in Rugby Mania’s division 2. The competition was battled out by 6 teams, spread over into two groups. Our team consisted of a couple of old experienced heads, fairly new developing players, and a guest from Leicester Tigers, Matt Sullivan. Our aim as a squad was to learn and develop, winning would be a bonus but as long as we took something from the games we’d be happy. Read more >>

SS1 - D3 Write Up V2.png

SS1 Division 3 - LondonWRC Write Up

Saturday 5th Oct was the first super series for division 3, for most of our new team it was their first ever competition. It was also a new experience for me as I've only ever attended division one tournaments. I don't mind admitting to being nervous a couple days before, but I soon realised that both myself and the club as a whole have done what we can to prepare our newer players. The fitness, the tactical drills, having them train with and against professional athletes. It all meant that once the nerves settled, they also felt comfortable and confident. Read more >>

We’re Affiliated! V2.png

We're Affiliated!

LondonWRC have been affiliated for a while and we can now show it with a new badge given to us by our Governing Body GBWR. We're proud to tick all the boxes and keep our club up to date with the requirements in order to create a safe and positive environment for our members. The badge will be displayed in the footer of our website and linked to our Policies page where you can find our Club Values and Mission Statement along with links to our Governing Body.

London's new ride 2.png

London's new ride

LondonWRC would like to express our gratitude and say a huge thank you to the Mark Benevolent Fund and Mark Master Masons for generously funding our new van. We travel all over the U.K and into Europe so having a vehicle will definitely help with the safe transport of chairs and equipment, making life easier for our mechanic and players. We really do appreciate your help, having funding especially for large expenses, means we can relieve some the stress from our members. It's not just the relief from financial struggles but having a vehicle allows our players to travel stress free knowing their chairs are safely on route and will be waiting for them at the venue. So once again from everyone at London Wheelchair Rugby Club... thank you. Also big thumbs up to Edge Signs for a great job on the vehicle graphics, keep an eye out for the LondonWRC logo on a motorway near you.

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