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LondonWRC News... 2017/18

1 Mazovia Cup 2018 Review.png

Mazovia Cup 2018 - (Game footage)


This past weekend London competed in the 2018 Mazovia Cup, Legionowo, Poland. Situated just to the north of Warsaw, London knew the tournament well after their previous outing in 2016. With reasonable success last time finishing 6th, the brief this time around was to utilise the tournament as a build up to Super Series 1. Captained by Chris Ryan freshly back after leading Great Britain at the World Championships and stalwart Jonathan Coggan, meant plenty of experience and leadership was readily on hand for the other London players. Read more >>

2 Spinal Injury a Mums Perspective.png

Spinal Injury: A Mum’s perspective

I've written a few articles about my spinal injury and the disability that came with it. But a life changing event doesn't only affect an individual. So one of the most supportive people in my life, my Mum, wrote a piece that recalls the events from a different perspective...

1st September 2004 around 18:05 was the day our lives changed forever, but not necessarily in a bad way... Read more >>

3 14-14 My Injurversary.png

My Injurversary 14-14


It's soon to be fourteen years since I sustained my spinal injury, or to use the phrase a fellow quadriplegic come up with, my injurversary. I was aged fourteen at the time so after September the 1st I'll be a quad longer than I was able-bod. I don't know if others would see why this means anything but to me it does. Even to the point of looking forward to and celebrating it, why? Well let's have a quick run through. Read more >> 

4 Those around you.png

Those around you...


I was a young teenager when I realised the importance of people we keep around ourselves. At the age of fourteen I spent almost a year in hospital. During this time I was surrounded by adults, nurses, therapists, other patients etc. The adolescent unit had just been built so I was the only patient for a while. Even when there was a new admission they'd normally be younger than myself. It was also a small unit so there were always more nurses than patients. Yeah something you would not see these days. Read more >> 

5 Anything's Possible.png

Anything's possible... Motivation or False Hope?


Anything's possible. There's a song about it. There's a film about it. If not that, you'll hear it or see it in an article or within a video that's 'motivational'. It's been said to me a few times in the past, especially after the accident that caused my spinal injury. That was a long time ago and I like to think I've come a long way since then. But when I hear this phrase it still gets my goat. After being told “you'll never walk again” I thought best take the phrase 'anything's possible' with a pinch of salt.

Read more >> 

6 Super Series 3 - LondonWRC Write

Super Series 3 – Write Up


The last weekend in Feb was the last of three GBWR Super Series tournaments for Division 1. With final table positions on the cards there was a lot to play for. At the top battling for the championship and the bottom fighting to save themselves from relegation. The whole season has been a close one and the final Super Series didn't disappoint. Read more >>

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