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LondonWRC News... 2016/17

1 Silver linings of disabilities...png

Silver linings of disabilities...


So I'm one for looking at the positives, perks, silver linings, whatever you want to call them. I find life's better if you focus on the brighter side, don't get me wrong, I can find myself a moody man every now and then. But it's not long before I'm snapped out of it by one of life's positives. I've been a wheelchair user for a while now and I've found my way of life has certain silver linings that able bods don't. Here's a few of the best... Read more >>

2 SS1 D1 - LondonWRC Write Up.png

Super Series 1 2016/17 - Write Up


This past weekend 3rd/4th December, the GBWR Super Series tipped off for Division 1 at the new venue Leicester Arena. First of all, great venue, very spacious with a decent cafe and easy wheelchair access, defiantly hope to return. Now to the competition itself. Read more >>

3 Swiss Low Point LondonWRC Write Up.png

Swiss Low Point Write Up


The past weekend (28th–30th Oct) was the 10th Anniversary of the Swiss Low Point wheelchair rugby tournament, a competition I had the pleasure of attending as a player eight years ago. This time my position was coach, a title that I'm still getting use to, can't help but smile when someone calls me coach. The main objective was even court time for our players. It was a good chance for our low pointers to get experience being ball carriers. Read more >>

5 Mazovia Cup 2016.png

Mazovia Cup – Write Up


Yesterday I arrived home after an amazing weekend in Poland at the Mazovia Cup coaching LondonWRC. My first international tournament as coach and along with playing my first international over eight years ago, one of the best experiences in my life. The pressure was immense but it cemented that this is the career path for me. Deciding the right tactics, making the calls while keeping track of technical details are things that'll become second nature with experience. Read more >>

6 Wheelchair Rugby The Social Side.png

Wheelchair Rugby, the social side...


All sports have a social side and that's obviously increased in team sports. To progress in a team sport you have to be sociable, willing to teach and learn from each other. This is ever present in Wheelchair Rugby, being a tactical game every player has to be on the same page and there's something special about a team playing as one. The best way to achieve this connection is to know your team. Everyone's individual and will do the same action slightly differently, especially with different function involved. Learning what your teammates can and can't do is imperative. This is all reference to playing wheelchair rugby, the social side of this sport continues after the final buzzer. Read more >>

7 WR My Experience Mandip Sehmi.png

Wheelchair Rugby My Experience –

Mandip Sehmi "My message is simple"

I have over 15 years experience within Wheelchair Rugby. My involvement with the sport started in 2000 when I was injured in a road traffic accident suffering a spinal cord injury. I was taken to Stoke Mandeville Spinal Unit for rehab where I met Bob O'shea, the Captain of the GB Wheelchair Rugby team preparing for the 2000 Sydney Paralympics. He used to run sessions in hospital as part of the rehab program. Out of all the sports and activities I took part in, Wheelchair Rugby was by far the best. It was fast, hard hitting and so rewarding. Read more >>

9 My Experience - Jonathan Coggan.jpg

Wheelchair Rugby My Experience –

Jonathan Coggan "nothing compares 2 you"

I acquired my injury 16 years ago which left me in rehab for 11 months at Stoke Mandeville hospital. This left me with no function below my chest and weakened shoulders, arms and hands. I was previously a very active young man with a passion for football, which I realised very early on wouldn't be possible to continue. Read more >>

10 GB National Championships Write

BT GBWR Nationals 2016 – Write Up

The past weekend (23rd/24th of April) was host to the BT GBWR Nationals, a huge tournament that brought together Division 1 and 2 teams in battles for the Cup and Shield. For the first time since GB wheelchair rugby has grown into multiple divisions, our two teams would be competing for separate titles. Read more >>

11 WR My Experience Jim Roberts.png

Wheelchair Rugby My Experience –

Jim Roberts - Journey to LondonWRC

I was first introduced to wheelchair rugby by one of my nurses in rehab hospital. I was recovering from Bacterial meningitis. I've lost both of my legs below my knees, have a large amount of scaring over my body and limited use of my hands.

My nurse told me that I'd be a perfect fit because of my disabilities, she then lent me a copy of the film "murderball". She was at the time the GB wheelchair rugby team nurse. Read more >>

12 The Difference a Chair Makes.png

The difference a chair makes…


Wheelchair Rugby chairs are specifically measured for each individual player. As in any sport the right equipment can make a substantial difference to an athlete’s performance both physically and mentally. In wheelchair rugby there are a lot of aspects when it comes to equipment. There are all the variations of gloves, straps, glue and we haven’t even got onto chairs yet. Hopefully you’ve seen the sport, if you haven’t check out our YouTube channel. There are two types of chair but what a lot of you may not have thought about are the minor details. Manufacturer is the first choice, then comes the nitty gritty. Wheel size, spoke guards, frame adjustments, just to mention a few choices. The point is nothing feels better than equipment made just for you. Especially in our sport, any experienced wheelchair rugby athlete will tell you their chair is part of them. Read more >>

13 Super Series 3 Write Up!.png

Super Series 3 – Write Up

Last weekend (2nd/3rdApril) concluded the Super Series season, the third and final event was jam packed with action. On the Saturday each team played three pool games, our LondonWRC teams were pooled separately so no all London match up. Storm surged through their first game against Gaelic Warriors with a comfortable win. Read more >>

14 WR My Experience Kylie Grimes.png

Wheelchair Rugby My Experience

Kylie Grimes "best decision I could've made"

I broke my neck in 2006 when I was only 18 years old, I had always competed in sports up to county level so I knew I had to find a sport to get me fit and strong again after my accident.

I was in Stanmore Spinal unit for four months and during that time I saw the guys training for London Wheelchair Rugby Club. I decided to go and give it ago in 2008... Read more >>

15 Rio Test Event Review.png

Rio Test Event – Wheelchair Rugby


So... the Wheelchair Rugby test event for Rio happened last week (26th-28th Feb) I heard GB won, saw the glimmer of a gold medal and beamed a smile. Full with positivity for all the athletes and staff, as I was told more my interest only grew. Hearing that we beat Canada was amazing, although they didn't have Zak Madell, a 3.5 who's speed is up there with the best. Ya'll know who I'm talking about, Ryley Batt. This is where the good news continues. Australia, current Paralympic champions were also competing. The speed and ferocity that comes with the Aussies best line up is a challenge to say the least. Well we conquered that challenge! Read more >>

16 Super Series 2 - Write Up.png

Super Series 2 – Write Up

Last weekend (13/14th Feb) all Division 1 teams traveled to Stoke-on-Trent for the second installment of the Super Series League. Both London teams were pooled together and went head to head in the first of three games on the Saturday. Before a league weekend our teams train against each other so the result was no surprise. Storm took an early lead and that slowly increased till the end beating Crusaders 58-33. Storm continued to dominate winning all their pool games. Crusaders had a tougher challenge, knowing we were going to lack top end speed, our game plan was to focus on teamwork and getting our passing on point. We couldn’t pull it off against RGC but the game plan came together against Warriors, who admittedly had players missing due to injury but a victory none the less. Read more >>

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