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Wheelchair Rugby My Experience –

Imogen Steele

I was born with spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy Dystonic type, a brain injury which means that I have restricted muscle function and live in chronic pain due to muscle spasms which can occur anywhere in my body.

I have never let my disability stop me.


I first heard of wheelchair Rugby when Andy Barrow, the then GB captain came to my school to talk in assembly about wheelchair rugby. I was 11. As the only wheelchair user in the school, I was mesmerised by this brutal sport and promptly went home and told my parents that I wanted to play rugby.

My mum phoned around and found a club where I could try the sport. That club was LondonWRC. I arrived and was put in a chair that was so big jumpers were wedged down the sides to keep me in. After that I was hooked. I would pretend I had a hospital appointment once a month and miss school so I could travel to Stoke Mandeville to play rugby.

WR My Exp - Imogen Steele.png

After having a break while at university I came back to the sport I loved and played for my local club in Southampton where last year we won the Southern League. I moved back to London as I know at LondonWRC I get the best training and support to help my development as a player. I was selected for the GB Talent squad in 2022 and competed at the Woman’s World Cup in Paris March 2023. I also competed with London for the first time in February this year.


I have been playing wheelchair rugby now for 14 years and can’t imagine ever stopping. It gives me a sense of freedom and excitement as well as keeping me fit. I love being a part of the community that comes along with the sport.


In the future I hope to continue learning and developing as a player, to carry on competing nationally and internationally at the best of my ability.

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