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Wheelchair Rugby My Experience –

Mandip Sehmi - "My message is simple"


I have over 15 years experience within Wheelchair Rugby. My involvement with the sport started in 2000 when I was injured in a road traffic accident suffering a spinal cord injury. I was taken to Stoke Mandeville Spinal Unit for rehab where I met Bob O'shea, the Captain of the GB Wheelchair Rugby team preparing for the 2000 Sydney Paralympics. He used to run sessions in hospital as part of the rehab program. Out of all the sports and activities I took part in, Wheelchair Rugby was by far the best. It was fast, hard hitting and so rewarding.


After being introduced to the sport in hospital for rehab, I quickly realized the gains in everyday living through strength and the confidence I gain by being part of a team. I started to train with a local team and it wasn’t too long before I was scouted for the GB Development Squad. I made my debut for the elite team at the 2005 European Championships and have been a part of the team ever since.

The power of sport has given me the opportunity to represent Great Britain at the highest level, the Paralympics. The proudest moment of my career has to be the London 2012 home games - the experience of a lifetime!


My message is simple, with hard work and dedication you can achieve anything and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

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