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Wheelchair Rugby My Experience

Jonathan Coggan – 'nothing compares 2 you'

I acquired my injury 16 years ago which left me in rehab for 11 months at Stoke Mandeville hospital. This left me with no function below my chest and weakened shoulders, arms and hands. I was previously a very active young man with a passion for football, which I realised very early on wouldn't be possible to continue. At this early stage during my rehab, new sporting opportunities hadn't even crossed my mind. But a GB Paralympian and LondonWRC founder Bob O'shea found me in hospital and started to profess his love of the sport and of all it's boundless positives from travelling to winning and more, which sounded like one of those adverts you hear today that if they're too good to be true then it probably is.


But true to his word it has been everything and more to me since. After leaving hospital I went to my first LondonWRC training session where I felt immediately accepted even if I was behind them all during the fitness drills. I had tried other sports but 'nothing compares 2 you' thank you Sinead O'Connor. I decided there and then to continue with LondonWRC and forget all my other options. (which were limited I can tell you).

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My first tournament is quite vague to me, I'd like to say it's because I've done so many now but the truth is it might've have been more about the after party (Shhh). I can let you know it was a real blast and I wanted more and more so I put more and more into it. Life quote I know but very true. I continue training hard not only to find what highs I could reach, but the support my new friend network provided me was invaluable, from learning how to dress ones self to how to get a day chair in and out of a car on your own.


For me LondonWRC has a continued place in my life for many years to come with more domestic, European and maybe some international tournament success round the corner. Watch out coz' Jonny's about.

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