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Mazovia Cup – Write Up


Yesterday I arrived home after an amazing weekend in Poland at the Mazovia Cup coaching LondonWRC. My first international tournament as coach and along with playing my first international over eight years ago, one of the best experiences in my life. The pressure was immense but it cemented that this is the career path for me. Deciding the right tactics, making the calls while keeping track of technical details are things that'll become second nature with experience.


Our result was fourth out of six, not the best but I've certainly learnt a lot. The players defiantly worked hard and it was some well needed competitive court time to build some team chemistry. The competition was tough, especially the passing of Helsinki Roosters and the heart of the Flying Dutchmen. Who we didn't play but did watch the young team battle into double overtime. Congrats to the Prague Robots who pulled a three point lead in a fight to the end final. Thanks to our two guest players, Nick Cummings from Leicester Tigers and David Ross who will be playing for Solent Sharks this coming super series season and congrats on winning best two/two point five. As always a massive thanks to our team staff for your on and off court assistance and court-side cheering.

5 Mazovia Cup 2016.png

It has to be said even with my limited experience it was a very organised tournament run with efficiency by friendly staff and volunteers. Thanks for a great tournament!


Final Positions:

  1. Prague Robots

  2. Helsinki Roosters

  3. German Development

  4. LondonWRC

  5. Flying Dutchmen

  6. Four Kings

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