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GBWR Premiership – Day 5

Season Results and Comments


The final event of the GBWR Premiership took place last Sunday 8th May at Aborfield Green Leisure Centre. West Coast Crash had already been confirmed season Champions at the previous event and it was their turn to stay home. Both LondonWRC teams had their own battles ahead of them. Crusaders were battling Hawks to stay out the relegation spot and Storm would play Tigers to decide who would end the season in second and third place.

For this season the teams play three games at each event. You can see the results of each match below and the final table standings for the 2021/22 GBWR Premiership Season. We've also asked a few of our London players to comment on the season and what it's like to be competing again. For myself, it was fantastic to see our teams back on the competitive court, pushing themselves and each-other to play the best wheelchair rugby possible. It was also great to see everybody socialising and having a laugh within this amazing community.

Day 5 Results

Storm v Crusaders 61 – 38

Tigers v Hawks 63 – 34

Crusaders v Tigers 28 – 61

Storm v Hawks 60 – 44

Crusaders v Hawks 57 – 56

Storm v Tigers 60 – 50

Some of our players comments on the season...

Justin Frishberg – 2.0 – Crusaders

For the last event, five of us had to pull together and beat the hawks without Oli. Dig deep and show some of the old tricks.

Matt Hignett – 2.5 – Crusaders

It was a long two years without any rugby, it was heart-warming to see all the teams survive covid.

Mark O'Neil – 2.0 – Storm

I thought it was brilliant. My first chance to play for one of the top teams in the premiership. I got to see the top teams in the country play which is another level to what I’m used to.

Final Table 2021-22.jpg

Kylie Grimes MBE – 0.5 – Storm

I think we played brilliantly against Tigers but there's a lot of work for the next season. We weren’t consistent, if we are next season, we have a chance to beat Crash.

David Ross – 2.0 – Storm

A different season to what we're use to but everyone did well and persevered. Happy with how it went and Storm will be more persistent next season.

Ollie Mangion – 3.0 – Crusaders

It felt good being back in the chair and I feel we had an upwards trajectory as the season went on.

Chris Ryan MBE – 2.0 – Storm

There were ups and downs dealing with injuries and covid so it wasn’t easy. Seeing our worst and best performance in the season within the space of 2 weeks. The best performance came after the worst so that's a positive. I have less opportunities to play now so I take advantage of the time I can get on court.

So that's all folks, it was clear everyone was happy to be competing again and similar opinions on the results. Congratulations again to West Coast Crash on lifting the title. Be sure to follow us on social media for more information on next season. For now our focus is on training and recruitment, we have taster sessions coming on the 11th + 18th June. If you know any adults with a disability that live in or around London, and their looking for a sport to play, let them know!

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