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LondonWRC News... 2023

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LondonWRC – Training on new floor!


Here at LondonWRC we’re lucky enough to have support from Aspire Leisure Centre where we train every Monday and Wednesday. Over the years, as with all sport halls, the floor deteriorates with scrub marks increasing and slowly losing the court lines. Read more >>

WR My Exp - Joel Connor-.png

Wheelchair Rugby My Experience – Joel Connor-Saunders

When did you start playing wheelchair rugby?

I took up wheelchair rugby in December of 2021. At a taster day held by GBWR I instantly fell in love with the sport and found myself at my first GB development camp 2 weeks later! Since then, I have been lucky enough to play all over the UK and represent GB talent in Denmark and USA as well as now playing for LondonWRC. Read more >>

GBWR Div 1 - T1.png

GBWR Division One - Tournament One


The first weekend for Great Britain Wheelchair Division One took place on 28th / 29th January at Fenton Manor Sports Complex. A total of eight teams attended including our own LondonWRC Crusaders. It was a tough tournament for us as low player availability meant we would have to play under pointed and with selection of only five players. Read more >>

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Upcoming Events

The new season is upon us and there's been some changes. This time round we'll have a Premiership division, consisting of the top five teams within the UK, including our LondonWRC Storm and Crusaders. There will also be a North League and two South Leagues. Read more >>

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