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Christy's Marathon Challenge - Q + A

Here at LondonWRC we rely on the kindness of donations from fundraisers and the general public wanting to assist the club. One such fundraiser is Christy who’s signed up, received her ballot place and currently training to run in the London Marathon. Christy has generously promised all funds raised will be donated to LondonWRC. We all know Christy well and how busy she keeps herself, so I took this opportunity and sent a few questions to see how her training was going along with why she’s taking on this marathon of a challenge…

What made you choose LondonWRC as the charity to donate raised funds to?

I’ve been involved with LondonWRC since 2009, and as well as volunteering as a member of support staff, I have done a couple of smaller charity challenges in the past.  When I got a highly coveted ballot place in the London marathon, I knew I would need to raise money for something to help push me through the long hours of training and keep me motivated.  

LondonWRC has been a lifeline for many disabled people since its inception. They've not only fostered elite level athletes, but also nurtured recreational players and provide a community and support network for members and their families. As a rugby spouse, I know how expensive the sport is, and how London’s unique set up allows people who might not otherwise be able to afford to play to participate. But the funds aren’t infinite and require a constant effort to keep this sport open to as many people as possible - so here I am, running 26.2 miles on October 2nd to help raise awareness and much needed money for the club!


Why did you choose the London Marathon for your fundraising event?

I love watching the marathon every year, going to support friends and clients who are racing, but I always told myself I’d never be able to do it. I entered the ballot on a whim, essentially because I never thought I’d actually get a place! When I got the email to tell me I had a ballot place, I knew there was no way I could turn it down - despite being a recreational runner at best. The atmosphere of the LM is so special, I can’t imagine running a marathon anywhere else.


How is the training going?

Oooof, it is intense!  I’ve gone from running a few miles a week to 3-4 times per week, plus strength and conditioning sessions and also mobility and recovery sessions as well. It’s a huge time commitment, probably even more intense than I anticipated. I get up at 5.30am to run before work, or squeeze a session in between clients. I am half way through my personalised training plan, and haven’t missed a single session so far, which feels like quite an achievement in itself. My fitness and endurance is really improving, but the biggest challenge is really in the mind. The mental fortitude to run in 30+ degree heat, to get up super early when I’m tired, to push through when it feels incredibly tough…that’s been the biggest training challenge so far. That and the hill sprints. Not a fan of those.


Have you set a target time to complete the marathon?

When I began training, I just said I wanted to finish and to stay injury free and to enjoy every moment of the atmosphere on the day…but my competitive nature has somewhat taken over since I started training in earnest! I’d like to finish it in around 4.5hrs, but I don’t want to sacrifice seeing my friends and club members on the route and I want to enjoy the crowds and London landmarks on my way around…so we will see!


How can people donate?

I have a fundraising page that is directly linked to the LondonWRC Just Giving page. I am also running 2 charity Pilates classes on August 21st in Bexley. These will also be live-streamed so people can join in from all over the country and the world. You’ll find more details about that via my Instagram page @boundlessbodyco in the next couple of weeks. That’s also where you can stay up to date with my training and any other fundraising events.


Thanks for the comments Christy, we really do appreciate your efforts in raising funds for the club and wish you all the best for your run. As Christy said, you can donate here and be sure to follow us on social media for updates on Christy’s marathon challenge.

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