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Anything's possible? Motivation or False Hope...


Anything's possible. There's a song about it. There's a film about it. If not that, you'll hear it or see it in an article or within a video that's 'motivational'. It's been said to me a few times in the past, especially after the accident that caused my spinal injury. That was a long time ago and I like to think I've come a long way since then. But when I hear this phrase it still gets my goat. After being told “you'll never walk again” I thought best take the phrase 'anything's possible' with a pinch of salt.


Don't get me wrong, the last thing I want to do is bring everyone down. I still get motivation from a lot of phrases, even some real cheesy ones. I've watched YouTubers who throw motivational messages at you. More so in the past but some phrases stuck and now help me day to day, I've even got a few inked on my skin. So it's not like I'm a person who looks for the negative.


I think, as always in my humble opinion, you have to be careful with the direction of motivation as it could lead to false hope. I'd rather hear the harsh truth over a phrase that'll leave me searching for a flying pig. On the other hand, people pull off the seemingly impossible everyday. Who knows what could happen tomorrow? Who's to say what's possible in the future? There are a lot of unanswered questions in this world.

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Those questions are some of the reasons why I don't plan too far ahead. Maybe that's why I lack a connection to the possibility of anything. Sure I have goals and aspirations of where I want to be, years from now, but that's one road my life could go down. Nobody knows how many turns or diversions life will offer or even force you to make. Maybe the key to motivation is about keeping your eye on the destination, your goals in life. But then isn't life about enjoying the journey?


The more I look at motivational content, the more I'm coming to the same conclusion. There are quotes or phrases that will resonate with some and not others. Some people are self-motivated, morning till night or some people listen to daily affirmations. A favourite phrase of mine, everyone's different. I think that's clearly visible is the perception of motivation. I'm sure this phrase has helped many achieve their goals. So maybe I'm taking this one too literally, maybe this one just isn't for me. Do you believe anything's possible? Let people know on our Facebook and Twitter. We'd love to hear your opinion.

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