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A day to remember... LondonWRC 30Yrs


This past Saturday London Wheelchair Rugby Club celebrated the big three zero. It was a day and night filled with joy and pride. Three decades of a sports club gathered into one hall on the grounds of Harrow Rugby Football Club. It was great to see everyone arrive and catch up with people they knew particularly those who hadn't seen each other for over ten years. From the speeches led by retired Paralympian and now Inspirational speaker Andy Barrow, along with fellow Paralympians Bob O'Shea (original chairman) and Steve Palmer (current chairman) I enjoyed learning more about the club started and how the sport has evolved.


The afternoon also involved food that certainly hit the spot provided by Spitting Pig Berkshire, thank you for a sweet spread. An equally delicious and fab looking desert from Cakes and Bakes. After the sun set it was a round of tequila shots followed by more drinks for the highly entertaining beer pong game that swiftly ended after a couple of rounds.


As the night progressed people said their goodbyes leaving with a smile on their face and it was clear the celebration was a success. Thank you to everyone for the planning and prep. Thank you to all who come along and those who couldn't attend were certainly missed. And last but not least, a huge thank you to the friends, family, players, staff, volunteers and every single person that has been involved in making our club the success it is today. Whether you were with us at the start, for a single season or in it for the long haul... we strive to show our appreciation with our dedication and progression. Check out the pics from the celebration via the gallery and be sure to follow us on social media to stay up to date as we approach the start of our season.

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